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         Ocean to us Oshy
Sept. 17, 2007 - Nov. 26, 2017    


In memory of a beautiful little man, Oshy (a one of a kind--as you all are) who came to us through Westie Rescue of Canada on Valentine’s Day 2010. You were 2 ½. It was meant to be.

On November 26, 2017, we had to say a very hard and difficult goodbye. We will never understand why we lost you so soon and when we think of you, we feel emptiness in our lives and sadness in our hearts. You were so sick, and again no answers. We found the reason but not the why.

You became a very important part of our family, including our first Angus , even though you snarled, growled and did that lip curl thing. You were not particularly fond of having a bath or men but would tolerate them both as you became able to learn to trust.  You had so much poking, jabbing, scrapping going on in your life it was understandable. You had such terrible, terrible skin, but within a few months and then 8 yrs of hard work you passed on with the most beautiful full coat, soft and silky and pink skin.

You were devoted to your food, but toys you were not sure what to do with them. But with help from Angus 1st you learned to play and together you would stalk the squirrels, the cats, the crows, and had all the humans that passed by, looking for you on the back of the couch. You had a special nosiness about you that made us laugh and a look that could put you in your place. Oh, and how you loved those bag pipes. You never lost that Westie spirit.

You found out what it was like to become a desert dog and a snowbird with the many trips in the winter to Parker, Arizona. You flourished there in the parks, dog park, and it was so wonderful to see.

Eventually Angus the 1st left us and we were all lost. So then came along Aengus the 2nd from WRC and you became very good buddies. You taught him a few things €¦like watching TV and barking at the commercials or any show that had animals in it. What about the poor mailman! Not a day goes by that we don’t think of you, but as time goes along, comes the memories that are too special and beautiful to forget.

We would like to thank Westie Rescue of Canada for giving us the opportunity and trusting in us, to help this special little man. It was a challenging but wonderful experience.

Run free Osh and remember the good times, we will.

Miss you!!


Mom(Del), Dad(Al) & Aengus