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Westie Rescue of Canada has taken in a new little rescue. He is just over a year old. He came into the Little Red Barn sanctuary in Manitoba as a very young puppy with a severe cleft palate. At that time,the veterinarians suggested to wait until his growth had stopped at around 1 year to see if it would close and assess for surgery at that time. At one year of age, Lewis was seen by a Board certified specialist. He found that unfortunately both the hard and soft palates had not closed. It has been determined that it is best NOT to go ahead with the multiple surgeries to repair the palate as the surgeries may not be successful and would be extremely painful for Lewis. He has been neutered, and is otherwise a happy and healthy one year old westie. He does sneeze to clear his nose at times. He has lived with other cats and dogs. He is a joyful, happy Westie and is now looking to find his forever home. He has only been to the vet once in a whole year to help clear his palate.

We are looking for a home in the Winnipeg area if at all possible so that Lewis can maintain contact with his doctors who know him. Also support from Red Barn sanctuary will be available. Lewis will be placed through Westie Rescue of Canada, on our permanent foster program, so that we might help SHOULD there be any unexpected, high vet bills that his prospective family might not be able to cope with. Our main concern, along with that of the Little Red Barn Sanctuary is to find a quality home for Lewis. He is used to being in an active living space so a home where folks are at work all day would not suit his needs. He is good with other dogs and cats.

Take a look at these pictures of a very energetic little westie. If you think you might like to give him a loving home, please go to our website and complete and submit an application form



Willie is 12 year old male who was turned into an Ontario Humane Society. He suffers from severe dry eye and has surgery done by an eye specialist since coming into rescue paid for by Westie Rescue of Canada. His eyes are now doing very well. He is a happy little boy and acts like a teenager!